A Quick Biography

Me with my first son Kieran

I'm a web guy from Delray Beach living in sunny Orlando. I enjoy turning challenging problems into simple, intuitive user experiences, and also enjoy writing clean, DRY code. Currently I develop custom web portals using AngularJS, CSS3 and LESS on the front end, and PHP (Laravel 5) consuming RESTful APIs on the back end working remotely for a Managed Business Networking company in Boston, Massachusetts.

I'm the father of two boys and a pug. I began my career back in 1997 creating "Multimedia CD-Roms" for Paradise Island, Bahamas. Nowadays its increasingly difficult to explain to my wife what I do.

I think the combination of my experience in different environments and the ability to both design and devlop are great assets for the teams I am part of. I bring enthusiasm and a background of experience from working with small business eCommerce sites to enterprise web applications such as Ritz-Carlton Resorts. I design clean user interfaces with strong brand identity and a perfectionist’s eye for detail. I can give and receive constructive criticism and do not bring an ego into the workplace.

I enjoy researching and following new technologies and frameworks in the evenings, and enjoy "Hello World"ing something new once the kids are asleep. Each personal client project I start uses a new toolset and workflow so I can experiment - recently I have been using NodeJS on Heroku and trying to round out the MEAN stack.

I’m an Adobe Certified Designer and have extensive experience in their Creative Suite, but I am also experienced in the other stages of the software development lifecycle. I believe this combination of design skills and programming experience set me apart and allow me to do the tasks of several people – from the front-end to the back-end and elements in between. But my focus will always be creative, clean and powerful user experiences.